Signs You Need To Know If A New Garage Door Is Needed

Signs You Need To Know If A New Garage Door Is Needed

The garage door is an essential component of a home not just because of its functionality in providing you car access to the garage. It also offers a good-looking design to the exterior of your home. Installing a good quality garage door can also raise the value of your home, as it’s a big investment especially if you want a more “modern” type of garage door. However, you might need to check if the garage door needs replacement already due to the time it’s installed in your home. To find out if it’s time to change the garage door, take note of the following signs:

  • Damaged – When wooden garage doors get older, a tendency of sagging may occur, which eventually leads to decomposition and rotting of the door. Some may appear cracked, especially on metallic garage doors.

DamagedShakingRepeatedNoiseOldDesignUnsafeOrHardTo Open/Close

  • Shaking – When the garage door seems to cause more friction as it’s being moved around, it may be a sign that the garage door’s hardware is starting to deteriorate.
  • Repeated Noise – An old and rickety garage door often have noisy sounds when you operate it. Some are loose enough to let strong winds create noise that may seem like it’s breaking the garage doors easily, unlike its current state before.
  • Old Design – You may also need to catch up to the trending designs by changing your garage door’s design to a new one. Old wooden garage doors often suffer from this sign, which also includes the damage occurred to the wood.
  • Unsafe Or Hard To Open/Close – When the garage door is too rickety, safety features are already gone as the garage door may have the risk of getting all loose to the point where the door may fall. It can cause injury to you, or even damage your car as well. Some instances may include a garage door that’s extremely hard to open or close already.

If you notice these on your garage door, it’s best to contact the right experts who can get you a new one installed. Be sure to contact these professionals immediately as your garage door must be in top condition not just for the sake of added features and looks, but for the safety of your own home. Call us now for Garage door repair Lincoln MA

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